A data structure for well-formed XML documents, designed for Common Lisp.


cxml-stp is an alternative to the W3C's DOM, which cxml also implements. It was written by David Lichteblau as an add-on library for Closure XML and is available under an X11-style license.

Please send bug reports to cxml-devel@common-lisp.net (list information).

Acknowledgements: cxml-stp is inspired by XOM.


Download a tarball.


cxml-stp needs Closure XML, Alexandria, and Plexippus XPath.

ASDF is used for compilation. Register the .asd file, e.g. by symlinking it, then compile cxml-stp using asdf:operate.

$ ln -sf `pwd`/cxml-stp.asd /path/to/your/registry/
* (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :cxml-stp)

Implementation-specific notes: At this point, cxml-stp is written to work with Lisp strings (as opposed to runes and rods), and is meant to be used on Lisp implementations with Unicode support.



Code snippets from the tutorial collected on one page

API documentation

There is also a rough "STP for DOM users" comparison which should be useful if you have a specific DOM function in mind and are looking for STP's equivalent.

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