<antifuchs/#lisp> "beware of display glitches in the above code. I have only provided a screen shot, not actually tried to use the application."

Decaf is a CLIM GUI based on the CL-JDI library.  It was written by David Lichteblau and is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Ultimately it should become a full-featured Java debugger.  Currently it is usable as an "on-line" class browser, can display stack traces, inspect objects, and set breakpoints on methods.

Thanks to d-bug/#lisp for inventing a name.  Icons taken from Alessandro Rossini's Acqua theme.

Getting Started

Install McCLIM, then compile CL-JDI and Decaf using asdf by typing:

cloak$ ln -s `pwd`/dlisp/dlisp.asd /your/central/registry/
cloak$ ln -s `pwd`/cl-jdi/jdi.asd /your/central/registry/
cloak$ ln -s `pwd`/decaf/decaf.asd /your/central/registry/
and then
* (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :decaf)
Decaf needs XPM support from McCLIM/Experimental/xpm.lisp; please compile and load that file manually before starting Decaf.

Start a virtual machine with JDWP support as described in Getting Started section of the CL-JDI manual.  (A `Hello World'-like test class called "Foo" can be found in the decaf directory.)

Run Decaf using the port number from the previous step, e.g. 8000:

* (decaf:decaf PORT)

Obligatory screenshot: